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in the 500 yuan from top to bottom, if it is commemorative ,

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ositioned between 400 yuan -1000 yuan, ordinary uniforms generally concentrated in the 500 yuan from top to bottom, if it is commemorative edition will have a thousand dollars, compared to previous years, air jordan 3 prices rose slightly. In addition, reporters noted that in addition to the various branches of the national team jersey, the simultaneous release of such as soccer shoes, soccer European Cup edition, fans shirts, scarves and other peripheral products of fans, 

there have been varying degrees of sales growth, or about 30% . "This is a new cheese made, who moved them who will taste the sweetness." A garment industry insiders told reporters. His mouth made this new "cheese" is none other than children. Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, kappa, Anta, Semir, Metersbonwe, ZARA, Gucci, Armani ...... more and more well-known brand of adult children are being killed in the field, while seemingly insignificant children's wear market, but also because their influx into a not a battle. Adult brand sounded aggressive expansion "Kids march No." Although seem "irrelevant" in this children's growing ranks of people see the most, or sports brand presence. June 5, kappa China held in Beijing brands signing new conference, "kappakids" debut, 

which also marks the always advertised "fashion, sports," the adult children's clothing brand to enter the high-profile industry. It is noteworthy that, kappa is not the first, not to be the last one pair of children's sports generate heart coveted brands: early May,  air jordan 6 Li Ning Group, a high-profile announcement, will be the new management team, the new brand identity to enter the field of children's clothing and released the next 5-10 years, Li Ning children development planning; April 27, already has more than 1,400 stores in 361 ° Kids children's channels and CCTV signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the country to the outside world to pass a further expansion of the children's market

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