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 mainly want to influence their fans to sell their products. List of Nike brand sponsored teams: Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Croatia and France nike hypervenom phantom Adidas: Russia, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Ukraine Puma: Czech Republic, Italy Umbro: Ireland, England, Sweden, Spain, the hottest start selling war 4 day reporter yesterday visited the capital stock has more than Nike, Adidas stores found that the current two camps have been added to our main team uniforms. Reporters in Sanlitun Village Adidas flagship store to see, wearing Spain, Germany national

 team jersey model was placed in the store the most prominent position, passing customers have had more Kanji Yan. According to store sales personnel, both national team jersey is the best selling. In particular, the Spanish team jersey after the start of the European Cup, but as sales champion, its sales volume growth compared to the previous jersey has exceeded more than 60%. "We are now able to sell more than 100 pieces a day, especially in Spain jersey, has been partially broken code situation, but also to transfer goods from other stores." Salesperson told reporters.

 The Sun Dong apm located Nike flagship store, the Netherlands and the French  nike mercurial vapor ix team's jersey just shelves, there were already fans into the store to buy. Sales staff said, because of these two uniforms shelves just two days, more adequate supply at present. But as the game progresses, it may happen soon broken code. Located in Xidan Joy City of Puma and Umbro Friends of the department store, based in Italy and England are also very strong sales of two brand uniforms. Reporters noted that the current basic price of the brand is 

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