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Peak and Xtep long-term accumulation of resources in sports,,

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 accumulation. Peak and Xtep long-term accumulation of resources in sports, nike magista obra fg  in fact, it is hoped to achieve a subtle influence on the audience. When accumulated to a certain extent, the audience for the image of the brand awareness will naturally shape. Such as the audience want to buy basketball shoes, will be in the brain to form a "buy Olympic brand, it's more professional," such thoughts. Brands through sports marketing purposes to be achieved is finished. Ries and Trout both marketing guru once said: "Once formed some idea in people's minds, it is extremely difficult to change in marketing is the most futile attempt to change the mindset of the people.." So, the idea of spending the audience brands need to have a guide during sports marketing consciousness. From sports to sports marketing resources, must have a long-term plan, the system. 16 teams, 31 games, four-year term of the European Cup since the start has been so crazy fans around the

 world. The same crazy States national team as well as those sponsored sports brand. Reporters learned that the current 16 teams have been divided uniforms Nike, Adidas, Puma and Umbro four brands. In accordance with past practice, the team's performance directly affects the jersey sales, the four major sports brand gamble European Cup journey has just begun. Brand war Nike,  nike mercurial superfly fg 
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