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sporting events. The brand continues to operate as a sponsorship marketing ideas, in the process of sponsoring events, special steps to try a more effective way and carefully planned activities for people to participate in the running of the movement to bring happiness to enjoy. This year, January 7, special steps during the Xiamen marathon, invited Han, power train, pain Yang band, Go Chic, Yuksek, Young Guns, and many other well-known international stars to help out, presented a fusion of rock, punk, pop, electronic dance music metal musical feast. In addition, the Taipei marathon before, Xtep joint Taipei Association for the Blind, set up a "hundred massage group", a massage service for the players. Love from Marathon to "Hundred massage group", to music marathon, special steps through every intention of planning to guide consumers to "enjoy the joy of movement", adidas 11pro trx fg but also continue to increase brand promotion efforts. No spectators are not

 marketing - no sports marketing audience, meaningless. As spectators sports marketing is the most critical part, both the starting point is the end. All sports brand marketing activities are based on the target groups themselves facing the choice, but the audience can also become consumers to buy brand sports marketing purposes. Peak and Xtep selected items, in fact, is for project-oriented audience. Pick the brand's target audience is mainly located in the 18-30-year-old basketball player and basketball enthusiasts, while radiation in the range of 14-35-year-old sports enthusiast. Obviously, Pick sponsored sports events and the integration of resources is to start around this target audience. For a long time, the Olympic basketball adhere to the core, many 

sponsored basketball tournament, including NBA star football resources. These accumulated, and strengthen the Olympic 'basketball equipment "label, deepen consumer awareness of the Olympic image of professional basketball brand. Xtep, from Xtep core project, the project is intended for runners bring together a wide range of hobbies running fans. Among them, Xtep concentrated force marathon, because of its low threshold and healthy sport,  adidas predator instinct fg became a national epidemic eligible to join the movement. Sporty young love fashion consumer groups and special steps have coincided oriented place. Brand is the use of sports marketing at the psychological level to reach a spiritual exchange with the audience, and this subjective sense generally require long-term
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