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 construction, but aspects of the Olympic market position that is deep, rich event marketing performance. Pick this move also provednot "burn money  cheap toms shoes fast enough." By means of the NBA's international influence, many NBA players wearing boots Olympic stadium campaign signs, through television, to allow more fans to know Pick, Pick accelerated promotion efforts in the international arena. With NBA players hand resources, and actively Olympic branding. Since 2006, the annual Olympic organization "PEAKTEAM" to promote basketball in China, and for the majority of Chinese fans to provide a platform for interaction with the NBA star. After fifty-six year's Olympic Chinese NBA star line from the original one to Shane now many egos lineup. Tour the city from 

north to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the first-tier cities, deep into the Chengde, Jiaozuo, Xiangyang, Putian, second and third-tier cities. Xtep:the sponsorship as a brand to operate in 2010, at the Xiamen marathon, special steps carefully prepared by more than a month, elected by the community network dozens of couples, launched a special "love marathon" theme . It is reported that dozens of square was wearing the same style wedding dress shirt lovers or couples who composed the track ran a marathon, becoming highly anticipated landscape. This special event, 

but also gives a more profound meaning Xiamen marathon, while allowing the Xiamen marathon is not the same as adding a humanistic significance. toms shoes mens For sports marketing, event sponsorship, DingShuiBo Xtep president said, "put their own brand as a sponsored activity to run." Brand marketing is no longer just a simple sports sponsorship advertising in exchange for equity, brand should be actively involved in the race to go, and advance to have overall planning and event planning, with its own brand concept, content rich 
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