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Chen Baishi was hitting three-pointers into,

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To nike air max plus uk extend the lead back to double digits. At the end of the first half, and ends with a 36-20 lead of 16 points of the Chinese team. Easy side battles, began to try three minutes from the outside of the Chinese team, Chen Baishi was hitting three-pointers into China again played a 9-5.


A nike air max 95 womens  small climax, points have been opened to 20+,45-25. Then most of the time, holder of the Chinese team lead of around 20 points. When the first three war China lead as many as 23 points to 64-41. With a 23-point lead into.


Phalanx nike air max 90 Games, the Chinese team began with a played a 12-2 run, will point in opening a 30+,76-44. Although Latvia has not given up, and in the fourth quarter they single out a 21-17 run, but after three of their.

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