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Latvia began with a small attack waves played,

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Level nike flyknit air max cheap 5-8 ranking. If smooth beat Latvia team of the Chinese team in this game, then they could be 5th place in the competition. After the first quarter started, the Chinese team into the game, Wang Rui enraged by shooting three-point on the perimeter, the Chinese team played a 7.


Dream cheap nike air max lunar90 start forcing the opponent's request for the suspension of the 0. Pause back Latvia's touch is still frozen, and during the next few minutes, the Chinese team also played a 8-0 run and opened the score through 15-0. At the end of the first quarter, China 18-10.


Leading nike air max 1 tape uk  opponents. After the second quarter started, Latvia began with a small attack waves played a 5-2, will be narrowed to 5 points, to 15-20. But the Chinese team this way, not to be outdone, in subsequent semi quarter in the Chinese team played a 8-2 run.

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