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Kesslord high heels custom is endowed with unique m black mark, but brand to the traditional spirit of the custom craft or design custom has a remarkable understanding, and constantly strive for harmony and unity of the three. Kesslord high heels custom technology essence, refused and cumbersome extra foot measurement processes, but to invest heavily in test feet sample shoe, the direct use of shoes to aid, specializing in precision measurement and maximize customized comfort. Simply put, two-foot measurement approaches currently circulating world, one of which is borrowed from professional or 3D scanning for sizes to establish a toe-archive, this approach can actually figure out their length and width of the left and right feet, it does not judge the reaction sensitivity of feet for shoes, custom often remains unsatisfact  new balance 991 mens ory and sales gimmicks. Kesslord promote the European custom advanced metrics, providing complete test for the foot-measuring shoe service directly on the bump texture-like black leather shoes, observe six sensitive parts of the feet if there are exceptions, and establish a perfect foot-archive. Comfort of exquisite footwear customization process and when custom-design trends and customer-oriented design, is a strong label customized by Mary black. Mary black neighborhoods like original, not bound by dogma, delights in breaking the fixed thinking mode of traditional brands, chasing the dream of self-designed.

In most cases, around our feet are not the same, some difference between half a yard in length, plenty of instep width, so five shoe on each foot to try to out-foot file. Kesslord custom shop on each heel style? prepared more than 60 kinds of trials for shoes, a total of nearly 1000 in each shop exclusive test pair of shoes. Kesslord strict understanding of the customization process and also attaches great importance to impart to the customer customized knowledge of principles and shoe, the forefoot is wide customization, should not buy shoes to buy half the yards of high heels, heels difficult to handled with the bottom, it is best to use Shoemaker stretch the forefoot width. Kesslord for leather stitching and colours have a strong grip, so that everyone can become a designer, based on self-choose your favourite colors and leather-loving, carefully matching details of shoe soles, to design their own unique high heel shoes. Clients available on the 3D software and see their works color effects and three-dimensional shape, carved their own signatures, Mary black spirit of customized sense details. Fling in the French world of color, clambering over enjoy leather stitching explosive force in a collision, a Mary black custom fun. Color sway freely in footwear, goat suede textured calfskin collision, serpentine leather magic mix patent leather, heels for themselves while tinting materials, soak up interesting French melancholy and romantic inspiration, custom-built fantasy are clearly visible.

Kesslord starting from autumn/winter 2013, Shanghai Kerry Centre shop have introduced high heels exclusive customized service, experienced participants are celebrities and fashion people, custom services also extends from high heels leather color products, showing  new balance  a Visual Feast of creative arts. Nike Sport research lab data suggest that an adult body there are 206 bones, which has 52 blocks located on the feet, thus the people's feet should be very flexible dainty. When running barefoot, is to rely on the toes of the people more flexibility to control the intensity, ankles can also be more flexible. Nike is located in United States, Oregon, headquarters of the innovation kitchen and sport research lab closely linked together, over more than 20 former senior designers draw inspiration from sports cars and furniture, the most cutting-edge sneaker designs, the latter through cooperation with the athlete testing provide data support for innovation in the kitchen. Traditional athletic shoes because of the need to make the soles of the pressurized area is concentrated on a smaller area, flat soles tend to be designed a whole block. But Nike had to do things are the other way round, Hatfield wants simulation barefoot movement pattern, let the pressure across the foot, heel, thumb, metatarsal area and other areas. "Based on our in-depth exploration of limits human potential and gain inspiration from athletes as well as the pace of technological innovation, looking to the future might happen really stunning, the possibilities endless. "Kim said.

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