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"We the natural movements of the body in movement and the dynamics of combining designed according to this natural movement, ' natural laws '. "Nike footwear Creative Director ouneisite·jinmu (Ernest Kim) said. Gourd painting gourds, Nike shoes were cutting on bold innovations. Nike running shoes Luobo·duolan Senior Design Director (Rob Dolan) said: "according to the results of the experimental data, where we use a laser to determine need to cut grooves, as well as cutting depth, very accurate. "So, one that follows the natural movement of the foot sole is born. Initially, some larger grooves can be directly injection molded together with the sole, but launched a new range of Nike Free, known as "hot-cutting" technology begins to be used for c new balance 373 womens utting small grooves. When the soles became rich (rich shops) optional, Nike designers began to consider a new issue, namely soles of different levels, how to locate the appropriate shoe technology. As Huang Xiangyan told the newspaper, shoe soles and uppers designed an integral, if this pair of Nike Free shoes sole is flexible, its uppers also can't be too rigid, "the learned larger, but also our commitment to complete."

Nike greater China, said Huang Xiangyan, Senior Communications Director, challenges came first to know about the basic attributes and characteristics of the movement, "running, football, basketball and other sports are not the same, and how these contribute to our products on the secondary movement of people at the same time, does not affect the basic way they can exercise". The Tibetan Mountaineering Association General Secretary Zhang Mingxing said, climbing Everest is no fluke, 8848 meters above sea level, "the world's highest peak" mountaineering, in addition to improving preparedness for physical training and material equipped with surefire, you also need to fully grasp when climbing weather. Where the lowest temperature reached-30 ° c, and winds raging at any moment, if a Blizzard the lowest temperature can reach-40 degrees centigrade. Not long ago, the southern slope of sudden major avalanche accident demonstrated the importance of this. On May 20, "the Professor" for the first time, arrived in Wenzhou, at Acorn international outlets experience Museum ribbon-cutting ceremony, participation in sports and recreational fall/winter new releases. There will be 2 days in Wenzhou. Wang Zhentao, aokang international Chairman, said: "he (Kim Soo-hyun) was born that year, I founded the Acorn, which is a kind of Serendipity. "Hung Sing Vodenka shoes hot-melt film project was officially launched. Spring Harbor's new factory, hongxing Vodenka shoe took $ 6 million from abroad, introduced three new set of hot-melt film production machine.

This news came out new balance 580 womens , instantly became the focus of attention in the industry: according to industry estimates, these three groups of machines if you are debugging is successful, production will reach a staggering 600,000 meters. As a result, hongxing Vodenka shoes will become the largest producer of hot-melt film in Fujian. At the Everest base camp waiting for the peak of the Chinese mountaineering team, one member of the group is a family-day Polar Explorer Liang Lifang (screen name: runs of fish) with 5 mountaineering enthusiasts formed, Liang Lifang belongs to climb Everest again. It is reported that on May 17, 2013, Liang Lifang impact camp successful climb to Mount Everest 8400 meters above sea level, and intends on May 18 peak Mount Everest. But because of the humanitarian relief, opportunities for all members of the Group b Summit where Liang Lifang, giving way to life rescue, so missed the top opportunities. In 2014, the family working together again Liang Lifang climbing Everest, Pinnacle continuation of unfinished dreams, as well as family days branding the sacred mission entrusted "with China's vast mountains ascend to ascend to Qomolangma's 60 anniversary of the blessing to mankind." Journalist Liang Lifang was made by telephone when a time lag in the mood, she says: "my mood is calmer, the rest of the team is the same. Mountaineering in addition to excellent equipment, enhanced fitness training professional and accurate route planning, learning mountaineering techniques, as well as outside the confidence, the most important thing is to have a good weather period, to stand in the ' Summit of the world's highest peak '8848 m. We now, ready for admission to the top of the peaks. ”

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