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High hit rate is a fine thing,

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Three-point  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk shots and the Shanxi team unfortunately lost the game. Sentence if the two teams about Shanxi team in the first half scored 72 points, scored only 49 points in Qingdao, Shanxi team only scored 41 points in the second half, groaned down 66 points in Qingdao. This is Shanxi team displayed in the game. After the game fans.


I don't nike roshe run want to go for a long time, in a routine interview Yang Xuezeng shouting "class"-there was once a 26-point lead, still at home, staged by opponents big reversals. You can even pessimistically believes that this may be Shanxi team in their last home game of the season. But.


Lose toms mens shoes lose, we can't ignore the problems which. Most notably beat feel. High hit rate is a fine thing, but Shanxi has a way down to the black in the match, the game more simple and crude, it seems that apart from pick and roll out after three-pointers.

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