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ingdao 112:113 down only 1 per cent,

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Down, adidas zx flux 2.0 uk shooting in the second half of the team declined, and Harris ' defense showed obvious problems, opponents hit consecutive three-pointers. Shanxi team play the Super God game in the first half, half, 72 minutes, hit Shanxi team's highest score in the first half of the season.


Shanxi adidas zx 8000 sale  team was outplayed and beat Chongqing before XI groaned down 70 points twice in the first half of the race. Noteworthy is that the Shanxi team had 13 threes 20 first-half points, shooting 65%. Section III into the second half before the Shanxi team and sentenced if two.


Shooting adidas zx 850 womens declined, while defensive end also flawed. 34 seconds left in the game, team Qingdao 112:113 down only 1 per cent, the key moment of the Shanxi team defense offense continues to lose on both ends, the Qingdao team hit 2+1, with 6 seconds left, and Duan Jiangpeng.

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