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League of Shanxi in Foshan for in the,

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Jobs adidas zx 630 uk that require security and guarantees, in all arenas. On January 31, the CBA in the 37th round of League of Shanxi in Foshan, for in the fourth quarter when the game is 5 minutes, 26 seconds, the home team, 15th aid hatibu basket ball, jump shots when visitors Jiang Peng, 3rd paragraph back.


Violently adidas zx flux uk down the home team after 15th, was blown against foul. At this point a fan caught playing off the ball, he threw the ball to Duan Jiangpeng, hit their head. Duan Jiangpeng with fans in the past theories under the referees and players to discourage it. Foshan Division this season.


Twice adidas zx 900 uk facing a similar situation, was fined 200,000 yuan. CBA also stressed that after the start of the playoffs, the game would be more intense, demanding all relevant arenas and clubs take notice, good infield miscellaneous personnel and the related question of personnel management work.

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