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It ought to have been a straightforward job. Just go to the drugstore and purchase a razor. Not even one particular of those very complicated computerized electric razors you need an sophisticated degree in electrical engineering to operate, just a plain old manual model with which I could joyfully hack away at my face. For different ways to look at it, we recommend people check-out: best electric razor talk. It was not to be.

Now, Im a basic guy. I try to abide by the aptly named Occams razor principle of science, which basically says that the easier items are, the better. Now I uncover myself questioning just how numerous blades Occams razor had.

I dont know if youve noticed, but the evolution of manual razors appears to be roughly following the exact same path as home stereo equipment. In the fifties, you had a razor with just one particular blade, just as you had a transistor radio with that one tinny-sounding speaker. Then came the invention of stereo, and the two bladed razor was born. Two speakers and a subwoofer, three blades. Quadrophonic sound, four blades. Be taught new resources on analyze review electric shaver by browsing our splendid website. Now we are up to Dolby 5.1 surround sound and a razor with an amazing five blades on a single side and one on the other. Thats correct, there are now so several blades on your razor that they cant even fit them all on the identical side.

Where will it finish? Is there a theoretical limit on the number of blades 1 razor can help? I, for 1, think that we are really close to the blade occasion horizon. This majestic quality best shaver site has varied telling cautions for how to acknowledge this idea. To read additional info, please have a look at: best electric shaver critique. Vital mass has practically been reached. It utilized to be that I would occasionally give myself a slight nick while shaving. One false move now and Ill be obtaining tips from Michael Jackson on which nose to get.

Possibly the razor companies just dont realize the idea. Perhaps someone requirements to tell them that we are just attempting to take the hair off of our faces, not make julienne potatoes for a society luncheon even though we shower. Its only a matter of time ahead of someone comes out with a razor that has one particular blade for each hair follicle on your face, so you can shave with just a single stroke and then invest the rest of the morning attempting to uncover your lips.

No far more, I say. Its time to release myself from the tyranny of blades. This morning I gave myself a clean , comfy shave without having making use of any blades at all.

Now I just require a new string for my weed whacker..
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