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What's exactly is online marketing and how can I use it for my business?,

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What's exactly is online marketing and how can I use it for my business?
Internet marketing also known as online marketing or e-marketing refers to the online advertising systems accessible to a company to promote, market and publicize specific goods and services on the web. There are a couple of online marketing techniques that online markers use to help to market themselves. This is broken up in PPC, SEO, Social Media advertising and Email and SMS marketing.

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC)

PPC or Pay-per-click is a type of promotion that is inbound where by you advertise yourself or market companies via ads alongside the organic search results of certain search engines. Every advertisement on these kinds of advertising platforms is triggered by a certain keyword or keyword phrase being search on a search engine like Google or Bing.

Pay-per-click marketing and promoting is accessible with all of the main search engines including Yahoo, Google and Bing and even smaller search engines and on certain websites. In the event you want more info on pay-per-click marketing, you can visit Google Adcenter @

Search engine optimization or SEO for short

Search engine optimization can only be described as the knack of raising the visibility and traffic to your site by attaining higher positions in search engine results like Google and Bing.  This specific process involves improving the website on-site SEO and making the website look and feel more attractive to a search engine like Yahoo or Google.

The more search engine friendly your site appears to a search engine like Google; the more chance it will have to appear in the search engine results for its specific keyword or keyword phrase.  Obviously it’s not so cut and dry but making your site more SEO friendly you are able to achieve better search rankings than those sites that don’t optimize their websites.

Search engines like Google and Bing use multifaceted algorithms to decide on the sequence of the results they show when somebody are searching for something in the search bar. The Google algorithm alone contains over 200 different factors that determine rank. This include website code, content relevance, inbound links and even social media.
Social Media marketing refers to using various social media platforms to market a company and increasing market branding. Various social media platforms like Facebook and twitter allow you to create social media pages from where you can contact your customers or would-be customers.

SMS and bulking email is a very well-known marketing technique which basically refers to mass emailing people that is interested in your products or services.  This advertising medium has recently been labeled as a spammer advertising medium but if done correctly and according to email publishing rules it can easily double your turnover.

E-marketing (internet marketing) is a rather general term used to refer to SEO and PPC , Email marketing, Social media marketing collectively as an individual marketing strategy. A lot of businesses will get both pay per click for immediate results, search engine optimization for long term results and social media marketing to create a brand for their business.

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