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Pogo and Jump Games launch new Chota Bheem cartoon games,

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Pogo, one of the greatest kids’ channels in India, has collaborated with Jump Games and Reliance Entertainment Digital, and launched a mobile game themed throughout the serial, chhota Bheem, called chota Bheem: Mice Mayhem.

The show will depend on a superhuman boy - Bheem who gets his strength from eating laddoos and is also fun-loving, brave, honest and ever all set to save his friends and villagers from harm.

The new game ‘chota Bheem games: Mice Mayhem’ begins with Kalia - Bheem’s rival - trying to trouble the young hero by releasing a mischief of mice in most his laddoo shops. The gamer’s mission, as chota Bheem, will be to save the many laddoos on the mice.

Bheem should be guided across 12 levels when he efforts to foil Kalia’s latest attempt to create mayhem. In the past, Pogo and Jump have formulated three chota Bheem based mobile games that have ranked between the highest played franchises among Indian themed mobile games.


As outlined by Jump Games, the past game while in the series - ‘chota Bheem: Save the Laddoos’ received over one million downloads about the Nokia Store.

While elaborating on extending the chota bheem games franchise, Mr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Business Head India, Jump Games said, “chota Bheem has become the most popular mobile game characters among kids in India. Each game within the series has witnessed high downloads on various platforms, which highlights very good of your game and also the demand from mobile gamers to improve the chota Bheem storyline. The modern game - Mice Mayhem - will engage mobile gamers using its excellent visuals and hands per hour. I am sure that it game will supersede the download records of the earlier versions.”

Mr. Troy Lobo, Sr. Director Network & Content Distribution South Asia, Turner International India Pvt. Ltd., added, “Pogo’s technique are to be certain kids can consume our content ‘Anytime, Anywhere’. Today, mobile gaming is a crucial medium to get consumers for an immersive, interactive and fun experience with their favourite cartoon characters. The chota Bheem mobile games use a loyal group of followers and we're sure the brand new ‘Mice Mayhem’ game will delight in precisely the same popularity and success.”
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