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Pawana Dam,

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Pawana Dam

Pawana Dam :

One of the favourite palce I have visited. It is located about 40 km from Pune. From Pune you need to start your journey on Mumbai highway. Once you reach Kamshet take a letf turn(Before taking left there is a tea stall "Jai Durga", you must taste the tea/cofee its a realy energetic drink after a travel on bike). then you will reach to Vadgaon and then Pawana Dam. You can enjoy swimming in clean and clear water of Pawana dam only if you know swimming well. You can also go for boating. A good place to visit specially in monsoon season.


There is a resort at the dam side, where you can enjoy delicious food as well the resort owner having a garden where you can see fishes, ducks and cock.


Its a very nice place to shoot photos with nature. I would like to suggest you to go there by bike cause by the way there are many places where you can take good photos.


If you go 3 km ahead from Pawana dam you will get a  Temple, It a very nice temple having  lord Krishna-Radha, Vitth-Rukhmai and Ram-Seeta-Lakshman.


The temple having a very nice and cool garden where you can spent lots of hours with your loved one.


As welll if you move ahead with the same road then you can reach to Lohgad and lonavala also so if you start your journey early in the morning then all these points can be coverd within a single day.

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