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Classified Rear Projection Film,

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Rear projection film, also called transparent holographic rear projection film is a high-tech film coating technology which with a projector shooting behind, viewer can see HD image on its film surface from the opposite side. Its unique optical coating layer renders a high quality rear projected image. The PET film is installed onto a glass window or acrylic surface with its self-adhesive layer on back side. easy to install by water.

Rear projection film has limited width and length, width 1.22m, 1.23m, 1.24m, 1.524m, length 5m, 10m, 30m. Multiple films could be joint to make a large size seamless display.

Classified by color: black/grey/white/clear/mirror

1. Black, Grey, White: High contrast display
2. Holographic clear: Virtually floating image up in the air, magic show like the technology in "Avatar", "Minority Report".
3. Silver reflective: Magic mirror display


Classified by quality level: 3M top brand, Diamond level, Classic level, Eco level.

1. People became to know rear projection film from 3M black film. 3M Vikuiti film thick 5mm (similar to normal projection fabric screen); width 1240mm, roll length 2.5m, 5m, 10m; cost more than USD 1000 per square meter.
2. Compared to 3M, Nanhai Eco films has the lowest price in the world. Nanhai eco films supplying USD 50-80 per square meter to end user, lowest USD 25 for bulk order(1000sq.m). Black-grey-white-clear-mirror, roll size 1.524m?30m.
3. Nanhai also develop other window projection film with very close quality to 3M, but with competitive price. Diamond level film, ultra high contrast, sharp & bright vivid image, wide viewing angle; Classic level, all color series, wide viewing, with unique protective cover, over 9 years long working life. End user price USD 300-$400 per square meter, suitable for mid&long term use.

Rear projection film is only one part of the rear projection system, user also need to find a suitable projector. A classic rear projection window art (shopwindow, showcase) usually combines different window tinting film, printable film, showcase, by using a powerful animation work, one can create an wonderful idea and work each by each!
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