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Nanhai Interactive Projection System(IPS) based on IR tracking technology.,

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Interactive floor is a modern display technology, it has been widely used in indoor advertising terminal, entertainment, children's theme park, corporate branding campaign, trade fairs, wedding venues.

Imagine the bride and groom walking slowly into the wedding hall, beautiful roses open at the foot, along with the moving music, it must be a unforgetable night! NanHai now provide interactive floor pro version, more than 10 special effects for wedding rose or similar templates.


Similarly, entering into a kids center, water sparkling at the foot, goldfish swiming in the pool. When you step inside, you will see the ripples, hear sounds of the splash and meanwhile fish darting away from your feet. magic world! Nanhai floor projection system has over 50 effects for kids center!

And if you add commercial element to this system, customers walking to the pool with a corporate logo under the background, the stars twinkling in the night sky, land of flowers, hot flames... ... more than 100 themes available!

Each theme effects of interactive floor projection can be configured, user can customize the background, logo, video, audio, interactive parameters, user-friendly custom designer mode make it easy!

SDK package provide the ideal platform for professional programmers to design a new theme, theme library endless!
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