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buy fifa 14 coins: Asia, including list of Oceanian teams not qualifying,

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Asia, including list of Oceanian teams not qualifying

Beijing time on July 27, AFC competition Committee officially determine the 2010 South Africa World Cup Asian qualifying competition. AFC based on previous Germany World Cup scores, in addition to participating in Germany World Cup,buy fifa 14 coins five teams from Australia, and Japan, and Korea, and Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and others, including the Chinese team all 38 teams were required to take qualifying, first round qualifying round matches will take place in October. The decision was the Chinese Football Association by surprise, I thought qualifying until next February, 3 months in advance. And select the new coach of the national team's work is not yet officially launched, fired two months before the World Cup qualifier, who led the Chinese team is still unknown, what assurance can the Chinese team play both home and away playoffs?

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