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7. Too Good Not To Buy Manchester United Star Wayne Rooney Lost Either Actual Madrid Barcelona Face Of T,

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 Manchester United official stressed that no matter how many occasions, the introduction of a superstar as long as no new aid, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson hands in the fans would suspect there is certainly not adequate money to buy people. When Sir Alex Ferguson to say he was a key player this summer to buy the stock, he also added an attribute "may," Yesterday, the British key Manchester United forum, fans have currently expressed their frustration, feelings of panic . Moreover, the dissatisfaction is just not only supporters, in a recent interview, the Manchester United Rooney also called the core of this summer to buy at least two top players to aid the team snatch away the championship trophy from the hands of Chelsea, Manchester United after which to rule Europe once again persons. Recommendations inside the chubby, on the list of new aid must be a shooter, someone who can provide additional enable than Berbatov forward.

 Wayne Rooney Manchester United signings hope, Sir Alex Ferguson can not do something

 Dimitar Berbatov's weak, Owen's injury, Kiko, Welbeck young and Mexico striker Hernandez uncertainty, insufficient to provide a stable fire Manchester United striker, final season, the overall goal of those individuals Rooney did not add up to a handful of far more persons. Not only that, Sir Alex Ferguson is facing a club policy, the worst could have reached the bottom line: fans crazy against the Glazer family, the club 7,500 increase in interest on debt, endless rumors Rooney Real Madrid rumors have not subsided, another Barcelona 8000 Buy news appears.

 Even if the Manchester United Rooney repeatedly stand loyal, but ever-increasing debt, always make Barcelona, True Madrid's media the opportunity to see build rumors. Around the other hand, in the final year, after the loss of C Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez, Manchester United can not consider even consider that Wayne Rooney - unless they want to commit suicide. But to keep Wayne Rooney, we must ensure him a good time, which will meet two conditions: higher wages and better results. Glazers don't easily damage the club's wage structure, and chubby wants to reflect his own income with Lionel Messi and C Lo could be the world's best players with all the top three status. Therefore, when the Planet Cup, Manchester United and Wayne Rooney soon after the contract talks, the Rooney's weekly earnings will certainly break the existing 9 million pounds, and more than Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand's club number up to 12 pounds weekly, but nevertheless not with Carlos Tevez, Robinho and Emmanuel Adebayor inside the City of income compared to less than Real Madrid and Barcelona but will also provide treatment level.

 Within this way, Ferguson, Manchester United had to be created to ensure that cash for Rooney searching for much more top-level partner, the commitment to reduce their burden, yesterday, Villa had to move to Barcelona worth 3400, the market has less of a top striker . Messi, Torres is the Manchester United star who can not match, less and less choice striker, especially in Manchester United's wage structure severely limited, additional difficult to lure stars to join. It can be said that Lyon's Karim Benzema final year mainly because of this is Actual Madrid snatched away.

 British "Daily Express" said Sir Alex Ferguson is considering re-buy Benzema and Franck Ribery Bayern Munich and Ajax's Suarez is also possible backup options. Manchester United executives insist, C Luo transfer fee of 8000 spent final summer of more than 2,000 million (1,600 million pounds Antonio Valencia Iowa, Aubertin 300 pounds, Diouf 400 pounds), in January took about 20 million to buy Smolin (1000 pounds) and Hernandez (800 pounds), as well as the remaining 4000 for Sir Alex Ferguson to use.

 The players aren't greater than 24 years old, but in addition to Valencia, the other players lack of experience. Meanwhile, Edwin van der Sar, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville have been retired for the edge of your 2010/11 season may possibly be the last season with the team, Manchester United rely around the introduction of a player, it truly is difficult regroup.

 According to statistics, in Glazer's Manchester United 5-year rule, they wasted 437 million pounds in costs and interest on all debt. Manchester United official optimism, according to estimates, the debt interest rates next summer are going to be re-dropped to 14.25%, so they final for the acquisition of Manchester United when the Glazer family, borrowing total interest paid would be 590 million ... ... In this regard, the club president, David Jill insisted that their financial interest sufficient to meet the challenge of upgrading 7,500 pounds, on the other hand, if not to pay the debt, if the money to Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United also why fear Barcelona, Genuine Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester City, Torres, Villa , Benzema and Franck Ribery are superstars might happen to be Old Trafford.

 From this perspective, Manchester United fans hate Glazer just isn't without purpose. If Manchester United do not introduce auxiliary star Wayne Rooney, the England striker really hope this dream of his home theater, I am afraid so just dream ... ...
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