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Why we take part in football,

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Playing football is good to your psychological traits and Moral Education. Playing football constantly not only have big effect to their good character formation, but also can cultivate people's self-control, responsibility, will, bravery, witty, perseverance, and determination to overcome difficulties, teamwork, cooperate closely, the collective sense of honor, discipline ideology and moral character, etc.
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It is good to enhance constitution and expedite health. Football can build up and able-bodied, so it is one of good individual sports which are suitable to all people. People who often play football games have good can improve people's strength, speed and agility, endurance, flexibility, quality, and can make the person of high nervous activity improved, especially can enhance the function of internal organs, such as human cardiovascular system, respiratory system. Therefore, it can make us more healthy. An excellent athletes have better Vital Capacity and heart rate than normal people. In accordance with some studies, they have more 2000-3500 milliliter vital capacity and less 15-22 times per minute cardiac rhythm than others.
Be helpful for spiritual civilization construction. In today's reform and opening up, football has become part of the life of people in many cities in China. Playing football can fine your emotion, watching football is a kind art, talking about football help communication. Because of football, pare-time cultural and sports activities become more colorful and people life quality has improved too much. Football has become an important part of the cities political, economic, cultural and life. It attracts numerous citizens and reflects the spirit of city appearance. It is one of the symbols of the image of the city, and it is the spiritual civilization construction of the carrier.

 It is helpful to our national spirit. It can make a country more united and hard-fought, positive and patriotic. For instance, when China beat the Japan team and gained the right to entry the at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, all of Chinese cheerful. This encouraged Chinese and brace Chinese up.

For international communication. Football is the crystallization of human civilization in modern society, is an important content of cultural life, promotes people to interact, and deepens the ties and Bridges of understanding. Football match not only can spread friendship and expand exchanges, but also can display the country and national spirit.

It can produce more fortune. Football has the world biggest influence of sports. Because of the fast internationalization, professionalism, industrialization, Football has big economic benefit and commercial value. At present, football becomes an important part industries of economy in Europe. For the influence and value of football, it promotes the soccer resource, information technology, intermediary services and so market systems to form. At the same time, football creates generous profits through lottery tickets, transfer, advertising, TV and so on. Also, sports equipment, clothing, food, intermediary, souvenirs, tourism and other relevant industries were promoted fast by football. Due to football, more people have jobs, and national economy was promoted. Therefore, we should thanks to football.
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