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The Year On the Rabbit Air Jordan Footwear,

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Nike has just launched the newest Air Jordan in 2011, the 26th version in Air Jordan shoes series, even though we never know for certain in the event the number is right. In addition to its classic 3 colorways, this new version includes a special restricted edition: the Year in the Rabbit Air Jordan -- 2011 is Rabbit Year in Chinese Lunar Year. It may appear strange for any basketball shoe named like this, but certainly the choice is always to coincide with a momentous year for Michael Jordan himself -- Mr. Jordan was born in the year from the rabbit, 1963. As he turns to be 48 years old these days, he enters the year of birth for the 4th time with his shoe slathered in Chinese symbolism. The Rabbit Year Air Jordan shoebox is created to match the red envelopes, which is utilised to offer fortunate funds at Chinese Lunar New Year, in red and gold with iconic geometric designs and Chinese characters, revolving about the Jumpman silhouette logo.

 The shoe itself bears a white/metallic gold/varsity red/wolf grey colorway, at the very least two of them are well-known colors in China, and in addition, it matches nicely with Chinese national group uniform, Chicago Bulls uniform. The unique edition Jordan shoe also attributes an insole reads "Brooklyn", which is the New York borough exactly where Mr. Jordan was born and also home to a lot of Chinese folks.

 Another explanation for the color scheme is: Based on Chinese common superstition, the year of one's birth sign is full of possible misfortune, and a single method to avoid the negative luck is to wear red color.

 When Chinese individuals normally fulfill this requirement by stocking up on crimson underwear, it may well be that Mr. Jordan wanted a approach to lay down some protection when he's playing some pick-up games.

 This special edition footwear have been released to only a little quantity of retailers in China at the beginning of February, and can land in a couple of far more in China as well as a modest quantity of shops in the U.S. on Feb. 19.

 Nike stores in Beijing and Shanghai last week has reported selling out of them instantly, and in Hong Kong, the footwear were only available by way of a fortunate draw. Such limited edition Air Jordan footwear aren't created for the typical consumer, they are released in short supply, and speedily are snapped up by collectors, they're auctioned in eBay for upward of $400.

 This unique edition isn't as ugly as final year's model, but it's far from19932s Air Jordan IX, which was recognized to many individuals because the design and style that got cool years following its initial release.

 With its gold laces, red tongues and translucent soles, it may well be a although ahead of the Year in the Rabbit Air Jordan footwear are looked on so fondly.

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