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Paulinho: take out good state to beat Liverpool, Tottenham,

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Score the Brazilian beat Sunderland in the Spurs 2-1 game, helping the team to 2 straight wins. This relieved coach Boas pressure after 0-6 defeat to Manchester City, Tottenham hotspur. At present, the Spurs are sixth in the table, 2 points less than the city, ranked second in the Liverpool 3 points, the two teams will meet this weekend.

Paulinho said: "this is an important game at home, and if we come up against Manchester United States, we have a chance to beat liverpool."

At present, the gap between Tottenham and Liverpool has been shortened, when asked whether the need to re evaluate his goal, Boas said: "the current championship is very close. A Senna has started a bit gap, but to know A Senna now face 3 tough opponents, Chelsea, Manchester City and Everton. We just want to shorten the gap and leader, back in the top 4. Now we are trying to catch up, hope to the end of the season we can get to the Champions league."

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