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Chongqing police denied deliberately arranged "throwing baby girl" to Xinjiang,

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Yesterday afternoon, JINGWAH Times reporter went to the little girl parents unit: Chongqing Jinwei Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jin company"). According to the company staff said, companies do not belong to the Sinopec Sichuan Vigny Lun factory (hereinafter referred to as Chuanwei plant) subordinate company, office building is located in Chuanwei plant across the ramp, workshop is located in Chuanwei plant factory. The girl's parents are Jinwei company subordinates instrument operation branch staff.

According to the ideological and political work in the company of Qiu minister says, "the girl's parents were named, the same basic line of repair workers. Husband and wife two people working in more than 10 years". After the incident, the girl's mother went to Xinjiang, not because of job transfers, is she please annual leave to go. He said, mother of the girl in the next year was sent to Xinjiang, she would leave the company doesn't know what happened.

The rumors, Qiu said, the girl's grandpa not Chuanwei plant factory director, was once just a cadres at the departmental level, has been retired for 20 years.

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