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Microsoft Sues Motorola More than Android Phones,

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Microsoft filed patent infringement complaints against Motorola jordan footwear and its Android phones inside the International Trade Commission and U.S. federal court Friday, indicating that the software program giant may hope to utilize its sturdy patent position as one approach to set its mobile software aside from the competition.

 Microsoft mentioned that Motorola's Android phones infringe nine patents, such as some that would seem to threaten most smartphone platforms. Android may be the open source OS constructed by Microsoft rival Google.

 The patents appear to include some connected to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, air jordan retro which syncs e-mail, calendar and contacts in between a mobile phone as well as a software-based computer system, in accordance with a blog post written by Horacio Gutierrez, general counsel at Microsoft.

 Other patents involve technologies that displays signal strength and battery energy on phones.

 Could Demand License

 While Google licenses Microsoft's ActiveSync for use in Android, Microsoft could plan to argue that handset makers that add their very own technologies to Android also require a license for ActiveSync, stated Chris Hazelton, an analyst together with the 451 Group. Motorola does add its own enhancements to Android phones.

 "Motorola, on the main Android supporters, will be the only one that doesn't license ActiveSync themselves," Hazelton mentioned. HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Dell and other people all license ActiveSync, he stated.

 Microsoft could also be employing the lawsuit as a approach to pressure Motorola into developing phones employing Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's new phone operating system, Hazelton said. Even though Motorola produced phones employing Microsoft's operating systems inside the previous, it now says it really is committed to Android.

 Motorola may have been unwilling to license ActiveSync simply because it may be costly, Hazelton mentioned. "This is not a small quantity of income. We're speaking hundreds of millions of dollars," he said. Motorola, which is about to split up into numerous organizations, has been struggling over the past handful of years.

 Marketplace Share or Cash?

 Microsoft may have other motives for filing the lawsuit beyond potential income.

 "They're attempting to slow down Android," said Jack Gold, an analyst with J. Gold Associates. "That's for great cause. Look at the charts: Android's momentum is killer."

 Gartner expects Android to become the second-largest smartphone platform by 2012, behind only Symbian.

 "That scares the classic players who have invested in this market for many years," Hazelton mentioned. "That is compelling Microsoft to say, 'How do we combat this? We'll make it pricey and risky to people wh o are thinking about going with Android.'"

 Microsoft said it was acting to safeguard its intellectual property investments, and noted that Nokia along with other vendors have also filed lawsuits more than smartphone technologies.

 Microsoft has "a duty to our customers, partners, and shareholders to safeguard the billions of dollars we invest each year in bringing revolutionary application goods and solutions to industry," the organization mentioned.

 The suits shouldn't come as a surprise. Earlier this year, HTC announced it had licensed Microsoft patents relevant to its Android phones. The organizations did not disclose what sorts of technologies the patents covered. At the time, Microsoft stated it was in discussions with other phone makers employing Android.

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