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Louis Vuitton and Its Designer-Julie de Libran,

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As we all know, every famous brand brings up and trains influential designers for us. It's lucky for us to become able to enjoy miracles everyday. Surely, there is no expection with Loui Vuitton. With these designers' help, Louis Vuitton is developing a lot more and far more renowned and well-known. Hereby, I will talk something about Julie de Libran.

 As we all know, every well-known brand brings up and trains competent designers for us. It's fortunate for us to become able to experience miracles everyday. Undoubtedly, there is no expection with Loui Vuitton. It's these qualified designers who make Louis Vuitton develop forward and turn into much more and more well-known. In this passage, I will primarily talk about Julie de Libran.

 Julie de Libran, being born in French, is a well-known designer of Louis Vuitton. In her eyes, it's a dream and goal for her to have a free and wondering life. Not only does it make her personal, but also show in her resort and cruise line especially made for Louis Vuitton. For the native designers from romantic city, they can also obtain a resource of inspiration from the mother's closet once in a although.

 In her office, there are style sketches and family photos on the shelf plus a fantastic deal of distinctive and antique accessories. Julie de Libran said she discovered them in the ancient flea market. Additionally, she enjoys changing and moving things. This philosophy of movement is also reflected in her design and style.

 Julie de Libran entered into Louis Vuitton two years ago, getting the style director for Louis Vuitton women's collection. Marc Jacobs, her boss, said Julie de Libran is creating genuinely Vuitton girl in her heart, therefore all the designs are so standard. Customers in her own eyes are all the city girls who have been to a terrific deal of places and obtain larger education with romance just as Julie de Libran herself.

 The U.S, Italy and France are her home where she always flies. It's the chief reason why her works are full of free spirit and imagination. To give a lot more meaning to the modern style of clothing, she applies the collision of colors.

 Fine is another characteristic of Julie de Libran's style. She likes to show his own whim in some details such as the usage of valuable stones and also the tiny flowers. Those details makes these charming garments particularly more delicate. All in all, her favourite style is feminine with no expection to neutral style at times.

 The rich experiences in different famous company make her life much more outstanding. For example, she has followed Gianfranco Ferre for numerous years in Dior, then she went to Versace. She also worked for Miss Prada for much more than ten years. Nevertheless, she is always long for life in Pairs. One day, she had lunch with Jacobs and discussed whether there would be a position for her in Louis Vuitton. This is the extremely chance for her to be a member of Louis Vuitton.

 Julie de Libran claim it to become true that every French girl likes Louis Vuitton, so, she has worked hard for this legendary France brand after it's on the top of renowned brand.

 But apart from Louis Vuitton, Julie de Libran is not a single fan of brand. She is also a fan of style. Open her wardrobe and we can see Hermes bag, Prada, Alaia, Louis Vuitton. Julie de Libran said: "I do not think there is a single buyer who is only utterly loyal to a brand. I would like to collect any style thing, and then mix and match them."

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