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==A macro-economic horror story inside the guise of an exceptionally harrowing hostage thriller, Paul Greengrass’ “Captain Phillips” dramatizes a 2009 incident by which a tiny band of Somali pirates hijacked an American cargo ship, a siege that has considering that turn into emblematic of your latest rise in similar armed attacks. Anchored by a compellingly candid titular performance by Tom Hanks (his most effective on-screen function considering the fact that “Larry Crowne” “Catch Me in case you Can”), Greengrass’ latest recreation of current history’s most vividly violent events just isn't - as its awkward opening moments may well 1st propose - just one more Hollywood celebration of American bravado at the cost of faceless third-world foreigners. About the contrary, “Captain Phillips” just isn't only a masterful action film that breathlessly and believably re-stages a tense standoff at sea, but a resonant portrait of systemized fiscal imbalance trickling down to the water. Even though this is often arguably Greengrass’ finest film, it is virtually undoubtedly his most urgent.

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The film’s ungainly 1st scene is much less of the private introduction than it truly is an financial one, acquainting us with the strikingly ordinary Captain Rich Phillips on a gray spring morning as he prepares to depart his quaint Vermont home for his latest worldwide assignment. The Captain’s wife (the great Catherine Keener, appearing here within a perfunctory cameo that only feels vital in retrospect) drives him down the interstate inside their minivan, depositing her husband with the airport and sending him across the planet using a kiss plus a plea to return safely. Billy Ray’s script then transports us to your shores of Somalia, exactly where the naturally gaunt Muse (first-time actor Barkhad Abdi in a brilliantly convincing efficiency) along with a few other gun-toting men from his village volunteer their solutions as mercenaries for a community warlord. Under a few minutes of display time later on, Muse and his fellow pirates make their first attempt to plow their ramshackle skiffs through the choppy wake of Captain Phillips’ hulking cargo ship. Their strategy, assuming they are in a position to climb aboard the corporate vessel, will be to hold the blue-collar crew hostage for $10 million. Naturally, in case the films have taught us something regarding the hostage business, it’s that points seldom go in accordance to strategy.
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