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Not a simple movie to observe. Scott Walker has manufactured a very gruesome, reasonable, deeply disturbing (at times) function that demonstrates the rotten depths of a psychopath's thoughts (John Cusack, a true gem in the movie), and his major antagonist, a National Guard officer (Nicolas Cage, through the way, an extremely respectable play right here). Then, there exists a young lady concerned in wild planet of pimps, drugs and alcohol, and she plays a essential role right here, too. The plot is incredibly straight and usually blood-chilling, as well as the twists of plot can genuinely mesmerize.

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Actually, the film was a little slow occasionally, but no person in the audience left the theater, 'cause it was real thrilling. The spellbinding Alaskan nature is actually a real must see here, it just leaves speechless with its sheer vastness and attractiveness.

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