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Watch Planes Online Free 2013 Streaming Putlocker HD


Watch Planes Online Movies are made for different audiences, and for a host of reasons, and films that please everyone are rare indeed. I tried to keep that in mind while gazing blankly at this colorful, sprightly and utterly vacuous merchandising catalog in animated form.

While I was bored beyond comprehension, my little screening buddy next to me sat through much of it with wonderment; his eyes as wide and alert as the huge googly orbs rendered on the anthropomorphic aircraft that kept buzzing by.

Watch Planes Movie Since this is a world populated entirely by sentient machines, you may spend a few moments pondering who the crops our hero is dusting are meant for, but the script helpfully explains that corn makes for tasty jet fuel. In fact, screenwriter Jeffrey M. Howard is quick to provide explanations — along with narrative clichés, technical jargon, racial stereotypes and a goodly number of flatulence gags. Yes, Planes will make you believe machines can toot.
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