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Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Episode Name: Make Your Own Kind Of Music
Air date: 8/25/2013
Summary: Dexter investigates a murder. Meanwhile, Dr. Vogel gets the surprise of her life when someone from her past returns.

The title of this episode has a double meaning, I've concluded. At one level it's the junk that kids come out with five minutes after you've left the house on a long journey, and on another it's a desperate call from those watching the show for it to get to the point. That said, I actually enjoyed most of what went on, up to the point where the writers decided that because Dexter is close to ending that every episode should end dramatically. Why? But before we came to that, the story managed to start off heading in one direction - the imminent extinction of Zach for the murder of Cassie - before taking a sharp turn when it became obvious that he's been implicated by another person, as yet unknown.

In previous reviews I haven't been a big fan of Sam Underwood (Zach), but in this one he really upped his game, making himself quite likeable at a number of points. What I had much less time for were the awkward interactions between Hannah and Dexter, which concluded in probably the most unnatural lovemaking scene I've witnessed for some time. Perhaps it was the creative choice to make sure that Yvonne Strahovski didn't display a nipple, or that the two actors were really embarrassed, or some other reason but it didn't work. And, it also went on too long, which amplified for me the discomfort.

A much better scene on so many levels was the family dinner, where Vogel got to play queen bee with her artificial relatives around her. She was obviously enjoying that intensely, though not relaxed enough to actually answer the critical question about how she became involved with so many killers. Rampling was on fire in that scene, and it re-established her as the focal point of this season, if there was ever any doubt.

And then, when it was going in an interesting direction, and they'd turned Zach into a watchable character, they did away with him! I'll be honest, I was annoyed. This must be at least the fifth time this season that they've built up a character or plotline to dump them unceremoniously. They've done it so many times now that as soon as character takes on that extra bit of personality it's like a death marker.

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