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Watch Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11 Putlocker,

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Genre: Crime, Drama
Episode Name: Confessions
Air date: 8/25/2013
Summary: Jesse decides to make a change, while Walter and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk to your family. Particularly if it’s about something important. In an ideal world, the intimacy of a blood bond would win out over everything else, and your loved ones would be immediately receptive and welcoming to whatever you have to tell them, even it conflicts directly with everything that defines them as a person. But no, the intensity of being given bad news by a close relation makes a considered response all but unthinkable.

“Frankly son, I’m over the moon to hear that you’re gay. Come on, you know as well as I do that the eighteen years of aggressive homophobia I’ve relentlessly demonstrated in your presence were ultimately just a reflection of my own insecurity and ignorance. Now that we’re on the same page, I can’t wait to embark on this new journey of understanding and tolerance with you.”

"Little brother, I’m just glad you told me you’re the one behind the nuisance phone calls to my wife. No, I don’t blame you being obsessed with her – after all, I married her. If you heard her snore you might soon change your tune though, heh heh! C’mere knucklehead, I’ll fight you for her!” *grabs headlock, administers noogie*”

“Hey, you know I’m a DEA agent, you silly goose! Why are you leaving me clues about your violent meth business all over the damn house? Anyone would think you want to be arrested! And who wants to read a book of eighteenth-century poetry in the john, anyway? Don’t you have any Dan Brown?” *swigs beer, flips burger*

Unfortunately none of these responses can or will ever take place. It’s their fantastical nature, and the all-too-real responsibility that comes with inflicting crushing, unimaginable pain on your loved ones, regardless of whether you’re in the right or not, that leads to most people choosing another course of action: burying their heads in the sand, getting on with their lives, and praying that their repressed emotions or secrets don’t manifest themselves at an inopportune moment.

That’s every family’s worst nightmare, and Buried focuses on exactly this: the reactions of the White/Schrader family as they comes to terms with a truth so inconvenient it makes global warming look like free Wi-Fi.

After a pre-credits teaser demonstrating the aftermath of Jesse’s ill-fated multi-million dollar homage to 80s arcade classic Paperboy, we pick up moments after the conclusion of last week’s episode. Post-garage confrontation, Walt and Hank briefly face-off in a driveway showdown that self-consciously echoes Sergio Leone spaghetti-westerns, complete with deep focus and twitchy trigger fingers: although this time, the pair are drawing for smartphones, not Smith and Wessons, as the pair raced to be the first to reach Skyler.
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