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In current years, a set of young new urban clothes designers has emerged, making edgy "urban" clothing, but not necessarily hip-hop clothes that is usually connected with all the word "urban". Technically, the word urban means "relating to the city" and these designers produce city and street-style urban clothes, shoes and accessories for metropolitan hipsters. Hundreds of these new street brands have popped up in recent years, striving to make anything different than the mass-produced products obtainable in American malls.
Some of these brands include WESC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy), Obey, tokidoki, Scifen, Inventive Recreation, Orisue, Gentle Fawn, Dealers in the Purple Cloth and Low-cost Monday, to name several. Because they are not mass-produced, these designer goods are priced between the low-end clothes shop costs and high-end designer prices, creating them an cost-effective luxury for the college-age young urban or suburbanite crowd they're marketed to.

There has even arisen a new genre of clothes retailer to sell these new designer brands to young men and women. 1 such on-line clothing shop, Karmaloop, was founded in 1999. Their mission statement was "to battle the evil forces of McFashion inside a globe populated by Abercrombie Zombies." Karmaloop has grow to be an extremely successful firm, and has helped to place a lot of of those up-and-coming new urban clothing designers on the map by getting the very first significant retail retailer to create a large purchase of their clothing. Karmaloop even sells some designers' clothes by way of their consignment-like setup called the Karmaloop Kazbah. One more such on the internet retail store, 80's Purple, was founded in 2004 and has now gained prominence as a significant competitor of Karmaloop. Karmaloop leans a little much more towards urban and hip-hop designs where 80's Purple targets a far more upscale or suburban crowd. Naturally among the pioneers selling urban hipster clothing was Urban Outfitters which has been around as a business since the early 1970's.

Even though types will constantly continue to modify, urban and suburban hipsters alike are abandoning the older, a lot more established designer brands typically discovered in upscale division shops. The types on the established designer brands have turn into stale and are often imitated. Rather young hipsters are flocking to these young, edgy and much more trendy up-and-coming designer brands that can most effortlessly be found in on the internet retail boutiques. But will these new designer brands sooner or later grow to be the established and stale brands from the future? Only time will inform!
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