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PDF to Spreadsheets in Macintosh

Often, reports, which are in PDF format, need to be analyzed and checked in a Macintosh machine. So what do you do? Do you convert the pdf file to a word file using software like pdf to word for mac? Or will you type all the data from the pdf file to an excel spreadsheet as the pdf file is non editable? It will be a waste of lots of non-futile time! Simple, you do neither. You can directly convert the required PDF file into an excel spreadsheet, even in Macintosh operating conditions. Yes, it is that easy and simple. Download PDF to Word for Mac by Wondershare and see how it provides all your file conversion requirements a definitive solution.


Here are the steps required to convert the PDF file into an equivalent excel spreadsheet or an excel file in a Macintosh working environment. First and foremost, you would need a highly efficient pdf to excel spreadsheet converter for Mac. So you would download the software or fetch a commercial version from external sources. Now run the program. First you need to import the files by adding the files from the usual left corner. You can generally add up to 200 files at one go. After all the files have been imported, the file information would be provided.

Adjust and select the required files. There might be cases of partial conversion, in such cases you need to select the specific pages or range of pages, which you would like to convert, for e.g. 3-10, 54-112 etc. Also you have to choose the output folder. Now click the convert button after setting the primary values and settings of the excel spreadsheet to be created. After waiting for a little while, our excel spreadsheet is ready. You shall go to the destination folder and check the output files whether all the required information is retained, calculations are all right and whether there have been any changes anywhere. Thus you have completed and provided a complete survey of use through pdf to excel Mac.

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